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Is this your first time here?

Welcome to the British School of Geneva Virtual Learning Environment. At BSG we aim to provide a personalised learning experience for each and every one of our students.

What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)? A VLE is an extension to the classroom environment. It offers students, parents and teachers a forum for sharing information on lessons and learning so that both students and parents can feel confident they know what is needed to succeed.

What are the advantages to Students? Students can gain access to classroom resources and details of their assignments whenever and wherever they are. They will receive homework reminders to encourage them to meet important deadlines. They can also view their grades and feedback from their teachers, building up a record of rewards and achievements. They have access to course discussions, forums, glossaries and more to ensure every chance of success.

What are the advantages to Parents? In addition to information on the grades and attendance records of their children, parents can feel part of the school community by receiving regular updates on school events and news.